Shamanism goes back almost 100,000 years and is considered the first spiritual practice of the human species. The roots of shamanism can be found in every culture and religion all over the world. We all have shamanic ancestors.

The shamanic worldview recognizes that all life is sacred, that everything has spirit or energy, and these spirits and energies interact and communicate with us all the time. The shaman makes contact with these spirits to become an intermediary between man and the natural, spiritual world.

Shamans believe that there is a spiritual cause and solution to all physical and emotional illnesses. If a problem arises, they go to the spiritual realm on behalf of the needy person and help with the process of resolving the existing disharmony.

In shamanism, you work in three worlds: upper, middle, or lower (or all of them in turn). In them, time flows differently, and the future, present and past are intertwined. Time is not linear as we are used to in everyday life, it becomes circular – which means that we are following a spiral of events.