Frequently asked questions

If you are interested but you are not sure if energy healing sessions are for you, chances are your heart and soul might need and they are trying to let you know about it.

After the initial conversation and after having set the intentions for the session, you will lie down in a comfortable position and breathe freely. Then I will open the sacred space and create a suitable environment that will enable us to work on the level of the soul. Using healing stones, pendulums and crystals, I will scan your light energy field and each of your chakras for heavy energy clumps. As a rule, only one chakra is considered during a session. I will also sing traditional healing songs (icaros), whistle and use tobacco for healing. 

Sometimes your intention is to connect with the power animal or to have a past life healing, but you get into entirely different spaces. I let the energy guide you and decide what’s best for you today.

Shamans work with the core truths and the same elements, but each shaman has a different wisdom. I help you to live in accordance with your goal, to connect with your spirit and inner source of strength.

Each session is different and each person can have a different experience. People generally feel calmer, more balanced and grounded, with a sense of inner strength. Each session brings more clarity and understanding as your energy field is cleansed. Some people may perceive the changes immediately, while for others the changes happen gradually over time.

The session lasts from 1 to 1.5 hours, we usually meet on Skype or Zoom. It is possible to meet the client in person (in this case contact and ask for details).

An introductory interview is very important prior to the session – contact me to make an appointment, and also:

  • Sincere commitment from your side
  • Paying more attention to your nutritional diet
  • Set aside a moment for yourself to calm down, integrate the experience and open up to the incoming new energy (this will allow you to change the current energy)
  • Regular meditation and spending time in nature are very helpful in achieving a better effect.