In my work, I combine shamanic techniques of energy medicine specific to the Inca culture with the traditional healing methods of indigenous healers from the Amazon.

Ever since I can remember, as a child, I used to have a deep fascination towards God and the Church and I wanted to become a priest more than anything else. In the early years of my childhood, I began to experience clear and expressive dreams of special importance, as well as to have mystical experiences. Over the years, I began to show a keen interest in the religions of the world, psychology, and philosophy, which led me to discover and study shamanism, the only practice that precedes all other religions. 


2012 – Beginning of studies with shamanic healers from indigenous Amazonian tradition

Months of retreat among the Peruvian rainforests, learning unique treatment methods and amazing medical knowledge.

2016 – Light Body School, Dr. Alberto Villoldo

The school specializes in teaching shamanic energy healing methods that come from the ancient Inca (or pre-Inca) civilizations and is widely recognized as the world’s most renowned school of energy medicine today.

From 2016 – Teaching with Don Francisco Montes Shuna of Capanahua origin

Don Francisco is a famous Peruvian shamanic master and my mentor. Under his top-level spiritual guidance, I follow 5-month diets with master plants in the Amazon rainforest. These shamanic retreats allow me to connect with the powerful spirits of century-old trees and with sacred plant teachers. According to local tradition, they are a key condition for receiving shamanic knowledge and wisdom, as well as healing powers directly from the spirit world. In shamanism, it is believed that the healer must regularly undergo a very strict shamanic diet , because only then will he deeply cleanse his body and mind, and then the connection with the heavenly kingdoms will come naturally, thus enabling him to receive teachings and information.