Shamanism and conventional medicine

We are very lucky to live in a time when modern medicine and science have made remarkable progress. New medical discoveries are made on an ongoing basis, and doctors are now able to perform such complex procedures that we did not even dream about a dozen years ago.

So why, despite such amazing progress, many patients do not experience improvement in their health after taking medications, and often even experience relapses?

A possible explanation is the huge gap between conventional medicine and the mental and spiritual world of every human being.

Modern medicine focuses on treating the physical body and eliminating the symptoms of the disease, while very often, the root cause of the disease remains unresolved in the spiritual realm, causing it to keep coming back.
According to shamanic knowledge, illness begins on a spiritual and energetic level, therefore it is at this level that one should act first of all. Such action at the root restores balance and enables true healing.

Inca shamans and healers from the Peruvian Andes believed that the human body was surrounded by a luminous matrix. More precisely, that we are surrounded by a Light Energy Field that manifests all forms, including the health of the body. This invisible matrix of energy consists of light and vibration, therefore whatever you include in the field changes its vibration and determines what you manifest in both your body and the outside world.
Emotional suffering, untreated past traumas or often times heavy foreign energies can be contained in our light energy field, exhausting it and creating disharmony and illness in the physical body.
Over the millennia, the ancient Andean shamans have learned how to access this biological plane of light and help the Spirit advance in creation. They also learned how to cure disease and maintain good health, and how to shape personal destiny by changing the field of light energy.
By unlocking the energies inherent in old patterns, removing the negative traces of toxic emotions, traumas and limiting the behavioral patterns that hold them back, bringing out intrusive and harmful forms of energy, they knew how to restore natural balance and allow a person to experience transformation and an increased sense of well-being and empowerment.

These are the eternal sacred ways of allowing change and evolution into your life. Shamanism helps to remove blockages and allows for the next step – that is progress.