Testimonial Łukasz

I met Pawel in 2012 in Spain. Already then I noticed something special in him. We met again in Norway a few years later.

I had a lot on my mind at the time : health problems, several surgeries. I felt weak and mentally torn, I couldn’t cope with simple life problems. Conflicts at work and with people that I had considered as friends at that time didn’t let me to sleep. In addition, there was a return to skydiving after a long break and an incomprehensible fear of jumping that I had never felt before; and more than once I had longer breaks in jumping and I could deal with that. Unfortunately not this time.
Pawel told me about his trips to Peru, what he learned there and still continues to learn. I listened to it with a pinch of salt, somehow I didn’t believe.

Pawel noticed that something was wrong in my head, he decided to help me, offered me a session , and then told me what it looked like.
At first I didn’t take it too seriously, not really.

After the first meeting – SHOCK! I have never been so positively surprised! What Pawel had told me about suddenly become real. I started to believe everything that was so abstract at first. Then the changes came. Some were noticeable almost immediately and some came over time. The problems that caused me so much pain began to resolve themselves. The next meetings only confirmed that there is still so much to do.

Now, after working with Pawel for a year and a half, I know that nothing better could have happened to me and I know how much is still to come.
I am full of life energy – I’ve never felt like this before! I know I can achieve anything and I realize that everything takes time.

My family and friends are very impressed with the changes in my life , with the energy that I have within me.
When I talk about Pawel, how he healed me, about our work and meetings with his ”mesa”, I see in their eyes what Pawel saw in mine at the beginning: disbelief and a slight ironic smile.

Now I believe, I believe in myself and in my intuition.

Thank you for healing me, Pawel!